Glavni trg in Novo mesto

The central part of the old town center is represented by the Main Square, the largest medieval city square in Slovenia, whose relaxed ambiance is dictated by the architectural peculiarities of the area. Take a stroll under the arcaded walkways, past the town hall, or admire the unique type of commercial-craftsman house at the upper part of the square. After  renovation, the Main Square is closed to motor traffic, making it ideal for leisurely enjoyment of the day or relaxation during numerous events. With its new look, the role that the Main Square has always held has been further strengthened: it is the city’s living room, connecting residents and visitors from near and far.

Some places worth visiting on the Main Square include:

The Town Hall:  On the Main Square, you will quickly notice the town hall, which stands out from the architectural line of neighboring buildings and opens onto the square with its arcade ground floor. The exterior and interior of the building are adorned with elements of Romanesque and Gothic revival styles, still conveying the impression of the former importance to this day. 

Kette Fountain on the Square:  Fountains have always inspired people and have been a source of many stories. So pause by the Kette Fountain in the square and read the carved verses of his poem “Na trgu” (On the Square). According to tradition, you can also toss a coin into the water for luck.

Glavni trg v Novem mestu, Glavni trg, Novo mesto
Novo mesto