“Heaven” above Šentrupert

The tallest peak in the municipality of Šentrupert is the mountain called Nebesa (Heaven) (602 m), from where you can enjoy a heavenly view of Mirna Valley (Peaceful Valley), as well as the peaks of Southern Slovenia: Gorjanci and Trdina Peak, Gače, Vrhtrebnje, and even Snežnik. The summit is well-known for its beautiful views, and is also the highest point of the famous Steklasova pot (the Steklas Hiking Trail), which runs along the edges of Mirna Valley. In the southern part, an airfield for hang-gliders and parachutists is located. Here, you can also find a tourist farm of the same name, which is open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (other days by arrangement), and on the nights of the full moon, when a moon hike takes place from the square in Šentrupert up onto Nebesa.

Nebesa nad Šentrupertom, Hom 23, Šentrupert