Soteska Castle, Devil’s Tower, and the Museum of Vintage Vehicles

For visiting the monument area, we recommend a guided tour. The guide will transport you back to the time of the feudal lords, allowing you to delve deeper into the story of the garden pavilion and Soteska Castle.

Soteska Castle is located at a crossroads along the main road. It was built in the 17th century and was described by Valvasor as one of the most beautiful in the region of Carniola (Kranjska). The gardens surrounding Soteska Castle were designed in a Renaissance style. Later, the gardens were expanded to include the Devil’s Tower garden pavilion. The castle was constructed on the site of a ruined tower from the 15th century. In 1943, it was set on fire by partisans, and today, only the ruins remain visible.

In the immediate vicinity of the castle stands the Devil’s Tower. Various stories circulate about the Devil’s Tower; you can discover the true one for yourself. Today, it’s a popular spot for photography and a venue for many gatherings, from exhibitions and official events to weddings. The Devil’s Tower is particularly beautiful during the blooming of daffodils, adding to its charm with their white blossoms.

Following this, you can visit the exhibition depot of old vehicles at the Technical Museum of Slovenia. Guided tours are available by appointment through the Tourist Information Center (TIC).

The Museum of Vintage Vehicles is located next to the Fire Station in Soteska. The museum, under the auspices of the Technical Museum of Slovenia, houses a collection of vintage vehicles. Here, you can see a ladder truck, open carriages, wheelbarrows, sleds, firefighting pumps, as well as cars like the Zastava 750 and 850, Citroen GS, and Mercedes 320, among others.

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