Lovsko gozdarski dom Vahta

Lovsko gozdarski dom Vahta is an information and tourist unit that offers its guests accommodation in wooden glamping houses, and there is also a rest area for motorhomes *. 

There are also toilets with showers.There is also a large clearing with a fireplace for evening gatherings and picnics. Sports activities are also provided, as guests have access to a basketball / football court, a bowling alley and badminton.

Vahta is also an entry point for the Gorjanci mountain range, where visitors can obtain the necessary information about hiking trails and sights in Gorjanci.There is a restaurant with drinks on site. By agreement, they also offer the possibility of renting space for closed companies and team buildings with catering. 

* The location is located in a Natura 2000 protected area, so campers and guests with motorhomes are not offered the option of discharging wastewater and faeces.

Lovsko gozdarski dom Vahta, Vinja vas 41, Novo mesto
Novo mesto
+386 41 471 373