Secrets of Dolenjska

You can now discover a part of the rich heritage of Dolenjska through two mobile apps that will take you to three exceptionally interesting locations. In Novo mesto, the virtual experience focuses on exploring the city’s landmarks in the old town center. Meanwhile, Base 20 in the mysterious Kočevski Rog reveals details about life during World War II, and Vinji Vrh leads you into prehistoric times. Download the apps and uncover the secrets of Dolenjska!

Experience Novo mesto to its fullest!

Explore the historically rich heritage of the old town center of Novo mesto with a free virtual guide. You will discover the city’s landmarks in a completely new light, through the eyes of famous personalities who significantly contributed to the development of the city along the Krka River.

Exploring the secret Base 20.

Base 20 was the headquarters of a political resistance movement during World War II and is the only leadership headquarters of a resistance movement in Europe that was constructed and authentically preserved in such a secretive manner.

Vinji Vrh Experience

In Bela Cerkev, you will first seek out Time Tourist, and then, as a virtual archaeologist, you will embark on a discovery of the archaeological site area with the main warrior, Neustrašni, across nine stations.