Near the village of Vrhpeč v Zijalo, on the southern side of the hill of St Anne (407 m), the disappearing stream, Temenica, resurfaces for the second time. Under the 35 m tall rock cliff lies Vodna Cave (the Water Cave), from which water sometimes gushes down the cliff. The cave contains a lake, and the water can only burst out at times of heavy rain. Two other caves are located nearby: Fantovska luknja (the Boys’ Hole) and Ajdovska Cave. The beautiful and pristine countryside attracts more and more visitors each year. 

Because of its hydrological and geomorphological features, Zijalo is protected as a natural monument. Alojz Kastelc, the well-known Dolenjska bee-keeper and historian, used to live above Zijalo. From there, a walking path leads to the main road connecting Novo mesto and Trebnje, and continues to the hill of St Anne.

Zijalo, Vrhpeč 14, Mirna Peč