Krka river

It knows innumerable stories and tales of the area. The emerald beauty of the Krka River will charm you with its calm flow and its integration into the lives of the people. So take your time and embark on an exploration of its banks, jump into the clean water, or make your way down it by boat, kayak, or with an SUP. 


The Krka is the only Slovenian river that creates travertine in its riverbed. This form of limestone forms various islands, barriers, and thresholds that create waterfalls. It is especially intriguing for those who wish to explore the river in boats or kayaks. 

Mills and sawmills 

In the valley of the Krka River, natural and cultural heritage intertwine. The now diminishing mills and sawmills, which were once a significant part of the local life, are a huge part of the cultural richness of the area. The most famous were the Seidl mills and sawmill in the old centre of Novo mesto

The Bridges 

Bridges give special character to the landscape. Many wooden bridges used to cross the river, while today, the following are preserved in the vicinity of Novo mesto: at Loke village, at Otočec village, and at Otočec Castle. 

Water Activities 

The riverbanks of the Krka always offer entertainment and refreshment. Visit the many pools and spas, or enjoy a recreational boat ride. A raft ride along the river is a truly unique experience, which can even include dinner or an evening of live music! The event Night on the Krka River is organised each year in honour of the river, and represents the climax of the season.