Novo mesto

The city where the exceptional vitality of the landscape intertwines with the past and present. With an emphasis on sustainable progress, we recognize the crucial importance of nature and its impact. Life in Novo mesto unfolds in various dimensions. From the expansive Gorjanci hills, which delight hikers with their trails and sudden springs, to the refreshing beauty of the Krka River. Experience the heartbeat of the vineyard-covered slopes of Trška gora and enjoy the beauty of Grad Otočec. Novo mesto will fill your heart with the energy you have long yearned for.

The City of Situlas

Discover a city where historical heritage intertwines with the natural beauty of the Krka River. The old town center, situated along the river’s bend, has withstood various trials through millennia, and today, it still attracts many listeners with its rich stories. Diverse architectural motifs create a relaxed atmosphere and take you on a journey through time.

Main Square (Glavni trg)

The heart of the old town center is the Main Square, the largest medieval city square in Slovenia, characterized by a relaxed atmosphere and architectural uniqueness. Stroll under the arcaded walkways, visit the town hall, or admire the special merchant houses on the upper part of the square. Following a recent extensive renovation, the Main Square is closed to motor traffic, making it an excellent destination for a relaxed day out or attending various events. The new look has reinforced the role attributed to the Main Square: it’s the city’s living room, bringing together residents and visitors alike, both local and from afar.

Krka River and Rudolf’s Raft (Rudolfov splav)

The Krka River is an indispensable natural element that defines Novo mesto. Its meanders provided shelter to the first inhabitants in ancient times and remain a recognizable symbol of the city today. Krka is one of the characteristic rivers of the Dolenjska region and the only Slovenian river with a limestone bed. The Krka River valley symbolizes a unique connection between natural and cultural heritage, standing as an icon of Dolenjska. Its distinctive landscape features historical mills, sawmills, wooden bridges, numerous castles, and settlements along its banks. Novo mesto itself developed within one of the most prominent river meanders of the Krka.

The Krka River provides habitat to diverse plant and animal life and is one of Slovenia’s richest rivers in terms of fish. The experience of riding Rudolf’s Raft is special, offering a new perspective of Novo mesto. During the raft ride, you encounter various characters who represent themselves and the old town center (Breg, the cathedral, the Franciscan monastery), and the Krka River. The diverse animation program includes music and the typical Dolenjska wine – cviček. Rudolf’s Raft is suitable for various celebrations, business events (catering), concerts, weddings, theatrical performances, and more.

Franciscan Monastery and Library

The monastery boasts a 15th-century library with around 21,000 books, including exceptionally valuable specimens. The oldest book is 600 years old, the thickest weighs ten kilograms, and on the shelves, you’ll find original “Slavo vojvodine Kranjske” manuscripts. They also have the only old Franciscan refectory in Slovenia, dating back to 1689, and a picturesque monastery garden overlooking the Krka River. The Franciscans played a significant role in the development of education in the Dolenjska region by taking over the management of the Novo Mesto Grammar School, one of the oldest continuously operating educational institutions in Slovenia. It was founded by Empress Maria Theresa in 1746.

Picturesque Breg

A unique visual experience is presented by the stone Breg in Novo mesto, known as one of the most distinctive landmarks of the city. Buildings, tightly packed together, lean against remnants of the city walls and adapt skillfully to the challenging terrain. Enjoy this blend of natural elegance and simple architecture, which today represents a distinct ethnic characteristic of Novo mesto and its recognizable symbol.


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