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Dolenjska is among the most economically developed regions in Slovenia. It is characterised by hills, scattered vineyards, numerous vineyard cottages and churches, the Krka River, the karst landscape along the Temenica River, rich archaeological sites, quality thermal spas and the European speciality wine Cviček. Its capital city of Novo mesto bears the title of “Town of Situlae” and is the cultural, educational and economic centre of the region.


Bela krajina is the land of silver birch, white folk costumes, Zeleni Jurij, Bela krajina Easter eggs, the Kolpa River Valley, which was the 2010 European Destination of Excellence, and a wealth of dance, narrative traditions and folk customs. It is distinguished by its churches, stone houses, granaries, vineyard cottages, vineyards, hay racks, numerous caves, sinkholes, pastures and events such as Vinska Vigred, Jurjevanje and Semiška Ohcet.


Kočevsko-Ribniška is the highest-lying area of the region, with peaks at 1200m above sea level and individual villages situated 900m above sea level. Endless pathways lead you through unspoilt nature and extensive Natura 2000 areas and forests, which are also home to brown bears, wolves and lynxes. The karst landscape stretches out from the characteristic Rhaetia depressions through the Mala gora and Velika gora mountain ridges all the way to the Rinža and Kolpa Rivers. Kočevsko-Ribniška is characterised by handicrafts (woodworking and pottery), Kočevje villages, water-richness and many culinary delights such as kostel stuffed pig stomach, čušpajz, Kočevje honey, Kostel brandy, šedrška trojka, etc. Among its most renowned events are the Ribnica Fair, the “Kostel Tambur Festival” and Market Day in Sodražica.



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